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Personal Training Blackshots

Although I operate across most of Essex, many of my classes and personal training sessions run within Impulse Leisure in Blackshots, Essex.

The center boasts a modern fitness suite and the latest cardiovascular and weight resistance training equipment which offer the perfect environment to guide my clients through their fitness journey.

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, and want to discuss personal training in Corringham, be sure to give me a call on 07852808264.

Self sufficiency: How we can help above and beyond

Whilst training with us, our ultimate goal for you is to be able to come self-sufficient in training, nutrition and management of lifestyle.

With your training, we want you to be able to get to a position where you are able to confidently walk alone in the gym and use different types or styles of training that suit you and work for you and your goals (which may or may not change over the course of time). We’ve had many of our clients who began training with us, learnt how to structure their own routines and found amazing self-confidence and then moved on from training with us but are still very active in the gym, doing the right things for them!

When it comes to nutrition, we want you to able to understand the exact reasons for nourishing our body at certain times – and how to incorporate different methods of nutrition tracking which work personally for you. Our aim is also to get you to understand how we can manipulate different parts of our diet and to provide individual strategies that you can implement so that you can work towards your goals whilst still being able to enjoy yourself and the food we love.

Finally we want to be able to help you understand and implement ways to be able to look and feel great as part of your lifestyle. This might mean we look at personalized strategies for you to be able to combat stress better, or to develop better habits around certain areas in life. It may even be to understand why we might add or reduce certain training or diet approaches during the year, so that you are able to live a happy and healthy life whilst working on our goals.


Client Spotlight: Kevin Miller

Meet Kevin Miller. One of the strongest people I’ve worked with in my 15 years.

During a run, Kevin’s back gave way and he was immediately paralyzed. After being emergency air lifted to hospital, Doctors has to use a last resort and perform a spinal fusion; essentially welding the damaged back bones together.

Kevin was told he would be lucky if he could walk, let alone run – but Kevin couldn’t accept that.

A year after his injury, Kevin made the bold decision to work with the Ryan Worthington PT rehabilitation program, and six months later Kevin completed a London to Southend bike ride. Kevin has since shed the weight he gained due to the injury and is now fighting fit to continue the life he loved.

Write your own story, just like Kevin. Speak to us today about sports rehabilitation.

Fuel for fire: Before and after nutrition

In order to get our body properly working and feel energized to perform out workout we must ensure we have a sound nutrition plan around our workout. The food you eat around a workout will help to boost your energy levels whilst helping you recovery after exercise.

The first thing we need to look at is the timing of meals surrounding our workouts. Whilst eating a large meal will increase our energy availability, this will also take much longer to digest and may make you feel sluggish if you are too close to your workout. A large meal should ideally be kept to a few hours prior to training (3+ hours). On the other hand, a smaller meal, or light snack will increase our energy slightly and take slightly less time to digest (60 minutes+)

Secondly we need to take a look at the type of exercise we are doing. If we are training in the gym or performing a session lasting an hour or undergoing intense training such as when our clients train in the gym, carbohydrates should be the choice of food, such as a few pieces of fruit. For those who are training even longer, or perhaps competing in an event – you may require additional carbohydrates during your event.

In terms of after you’re training, and to help with recovery, it is very important to ensure you are consuming enough protein over the whole day rather than at any specific time. A common misconception was that you have to have protein immediately after training to recover, however as long as you eating enough across the day this doesn’t matter.

In general terms, ensuring you are adequately hydrated both before and during exercise and have given yourself enough time to digest food prior to training will also help massively for performance, helping you to smash your goals and feel amazing!

Why the long game pays off

When many of our clients first come into us, their current stress level, sleep habits, nutrition and exercise habits are often poor. Not always, some individuals are very good at some things more than others. In addition, many of the short fix diets they have gone through have not worked for them and sometimes have made the situation worse.  They have been deceived and tricked by many of the short fix tactics and myths that are still being portrayed within our industry.

This is why when they come to us the first thing we do is to establish their previous journey, where they are currently and how we can get them to improve their health and vitality for the future. Covering all the topics highlighted above, we tend to find the things that are working well for them currently and very slowly change over time the things that don’t. This gives our clients time to focus and get into the right frame of mind to ultimately succeed in the task ahead. Just like the journey of forming the current habits our clients have, the process of changing our bad habits will also take time.

However, if you are investing your time in your body, health and well-being and moving towards changing your habits then you will be successful and you will reach your goals. This is why we encourage all of our clients to goal set in the form of short, medium and long term goals – and help them to decide a rough estimate of when to achieve these goals.

We then document each of our clients’ journeys and evaluate where we are with our goals so that they are able to look back and see all the incredible progress and changes they have made, both with themselves, their confidence and their habits.

The rise and fall of the quick fix


Let’s be honest with ourselves – at some point in our lives, we have all done it. We’ve all fallen into the clever marketing campaigns telling us how we can look and feel amazing in just a short period of time by taking a single supplement or following a precise nutrition plan. Some even claim to help cure specific health conditions!

When looking into certain plans, they often provide ‘research’ which is fabricated, claims which are unfounded by scientific evidence and some may even put is in a far more unhealthy condition than when where started.

With all these things aside, somewhere down the line, maybe 2 weeks, maybe 2 months… we aren’t seeing the results they promised. We have followed the plan to the T! And yet that magical loss or gain we were hoping for? Not yet in sight.

I myself have fallen into these traps, and still remember buying various magazines trying the latest and greatest workout to build up and lean back down in 6 weeks – all ending the same way, wasted money, little result and stress and frustration because things aren’t working.

This is what happens in life when we try to make drastic quick changes in our life for a short period of time in an attempt to lose weight or build muscle. Then when it doesn’t happen, or stalls and we can no longer go anywhere, we get tired, frustrated, lose motivation and confidence – and ultimately it all falls apart.

However, there is a solution that does work for a long time. In fact, it can work for you for the rest of your life! But here’s the problem with it… it isn’t pretty, it doesn’t have fancy names or logos, it requires hard work and takes a while to achieve – but is has a whole host of evidence behind it, from physical improvements to psychological wellbeing, even improving your everyday health so you can have a greater quality of life.


Setting Realistic Goals

Setting realistic expectations can sometimes be a little bit difficult when all we want to do is go full steam ahead and improve our body. It’s understandable – we have this fantastic goal in mind that we want to achieve and we will do everything we can to get there.

However, this doesn’t always mean what we want and what we can get is the same thing. In fact, we often give ourselves very little timeframe to do things which means when we fall short, we get frustrated and quit. We lead ourselves into a vicious cycle of attempting more than we can currently handle, which leads more often than not to failure and finally causes us to stop.

Instead, what we should do is break our goals down into much more manageable tasks.

This is where we can help – we are able to devise and manage your goals alongside you every step of the way – and with our expertise are able to identify what we can set as short, mid and long term goals. Once we have these goals in mind we can then prepare step by step solutions than you can achieve each week to help you progress towards your goals.

However – this also means that when we are working alongside you, we need you to help yourself by sticking to the solutions we set as best as possible. It doesn’t matter if we slip up from time to time, almost everyone does. But it does mean that when we do slip up, we understand the consequences and go right back to working on the plan set for us.

It also means that we need you to understand what is what is not achievable in a certain time frame. Going from doing almost no exercise to training 7 days a week in an attempt to lose weight and improve our body is rarely a good idea, as the body will need time to adapt.

However, by setting realistic goals, starting small and continuously working week to week we will be in a much better position to succeed and ultimately enjoy our life by looking and feeling amazing.

Apps vs PT: Our testimonials

Following on from the previous discussion on how personal trainers differ from a training app – we wanted to show you some of the incredible progress that our clients make with us!

Scott is a very busy gentleman who suffered with a bad back and was unable to perform some movements due to his posture. He says:

“It’s weird, I feel bigger, stronger and more upright than I’ve ever felt. My back no longer aches when I’m picking things up back and forth from work. I know I am training right because I feel like I have tonnes more energy and can keep going. Having the guidance from Ryan and Antonio has really helped me out”


Cannot recommend anyone better than Ryan and Antonio to help with your training and nutrition, I met with Ryan last week, had my assessment and they spent nearly 2 hours running through things thoroughly with me! I had my posture analysed to work out what my weak and strong points are and now we have a plan in place for the next 12 weeks to help me improve my weak areas and achieve my goals with proper food and work outs!

I’ve tried fitness apps and met with many other trainers before who have just tried to sell me a service and not actually focus on my goals.

Also tried lots of classes which haven’t worked as they aren’t individual to me and strengths and weaknesses!

They have a very humanistic approach and are very knowledgeable, and I’m very confident that I will now achieve what I want too, and once I’ve completed my training I know I’ll be knowledgeable in regards to nutrition and the correct workouts for myself!



My name is Lorraine and I am 48 years old.
I have been going to the gym for about 10 years.
Last year in January I had a operation and didn’t return to the gym until March and couldn’t get motivated so I had a PT session! Biggest mistake! The instructor didn’t take my fitness or bad knee I have had for many years into consideration and left me unable to walk without being in pain let alone go back to the gym for 5 days!
After returning to the gym I spoke to Ryan whom I have known for many years and he couldn’t believe what had happened to me and offered me a free PT session. Ryan first spoke to me about my medical history, eating habits and advised me to go to a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic regarding my knee so he would be able to train me correctly.

Since starting with Ryan my knee is now pain free due to Ryan advising me to see a sports physio and training me correctly. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Now eating correctly and feeling healthy. I enjoy every PT session and I am 100% happy to be pushed to a limit Ryan knows I can meet without having any injuries.


Shaun is a PGA pro golfer and has trained extensively during the seasons with us! He says:

As a professional golfer I need a personal trainer that knows the needs of my body to protect me from injury, maintain performance, improve strength in golfer specific muscles and have an on season and off season programs.

Ryan not only helped me through various injuries I have suffered built me plans and techniques to improve and prevent future injuries, helped me with imbalances and core strength which helped improve my performance and consistency. Ryan also helps me with my mental strength and has been a great friend through some tough times in my life and really helped me through a lot and went the extra mile each time to get me back on my feet and continue to progress in life I owe this man a lot a true friend and a great trainer highly recommend to elite sportsman and the everyday person the knowledge this man has is priceless and he straight down the line no bull like some in the industry. Thank you Ryan.

Apps: Why a trainer is better for you.

Following on from the previous topic on apps, we wanted to show just how different training is with one of our awesome trainers.

The topic on apps can be found here:

When working with a trainer, the first thing we do is take you through a consultation where we find out about your previous training, what type of training you like and what you dislike. All of our clients have their own journey which they go through, and all start at different stages of fitness – so it is important for us to take this into consideration.

Not only this, we also run through a pre-screening questionnaire so that we can find out about any previous medical issues or injuries our clients may have had. This ensures that whilst training, we can work around these issues to offer safe and effective exercise, whilst offering a truly individualised service.

Unfortunately with an app – none of these issues are taken into account. We think it is fantastic that you have taken the first step in wanting to change your lifestyle; however this might mean that the exercises may be difficult or may not suit you, or may not take into consideration any injuries you may have, which could ultimately end up making things worse or could cause further injury.

Secondly, we will guide you through a movement analysis – finding where our strengths, weaknesses and imbalances are in our body. This is an important step we take all of our clients through so we can ensure we focus on strengthening and improving the mobility of the areas so that we can live healthy, pain free lives. This ensures our training transpires to more than just in the gym – but being able to move freely without pain during the whole day.

Working with lots of individuals from office workers, to business owners, to maintenance workers – we all have different movements which can cause us pain or tightness over a long period of time – and with an app these are rarely taken into account. However with a trainer, we are able to offer assistance in the form of our training plan and home individual plans so that we can focus on reducing pain whilst guiding you towards your goals.

Our expertise of movement, combined with your previous history and seeing you as an individual can help you above and beyond with reaching your goals.

Effective Pain Relief in Essex

I’m excited to announce that I’m teaming up with author and renowned osteopath, Ben Calvert-Painter.

Together, we’re able to offer clients effective pain relief and steps to reset the body in a way that reduces the likelihood of the problem returning.

Using extensive knowledge in Osteopathy, Ben will work with you to identify the pain points, using tools such as ultrasound and acupuncture and from there work to correct the bodies movements.

Ryan Worthington PT will then work with you to identify weak muscles and put steps into place through things like posture analysis and biomechanics to prevent these problems from returning; effectively rehabilitating your body.

Talk to us today about how we can get you back to feeling great – 07852808264.

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