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Setting Realistic Goals

Setting realistic expectations can sometimes be a little bit difficult when all we want to do is go full steam ahead and improve our body. It’s understandable – we have this fantastic goal in mind that we want to achieve and we will do everything we can to get there.

However, this doesn’t always mean what we want and what we can get is the same thing. In fact, we often give ourselves very little timeframe to do things which means when we fall short, we get frustrated and quit. We lead ourselves into a vicious cycle of attempting more than we can currently handle, which leads more often than not to failure and finally causes us to stop.

Instead, what we should do is break our goals down into much more manageable tasks.

This is where we can help – we are able to devise and manage your goals alongside you every step of the way – and with our expertise are able to identify what we can set as short, mid and long term goals. Once we have these goals in mind we can then prepare step by step solutions than you can achieve each week to help you progress towards your goals.

However – this also means that when we are working alongside you, we need you to help yourself by sticking to the solutions we set as best as possible. It doesn’t matter if we slip up from time to time, almost everyone does. But it does mean that when we do slip up, we understand the consequences and go right back to working on the plan set for us.

It also means that we need you to understand what is what is not achievable in a certain time frame. Going from doing almost no exercise to training 7 days a week in an attempt to lose weight and improve our body is rarely a good idea, as the body will need time to adapt.

However, by setting realistic goals, starting small and continuously working week to week we will be in a much better position to succeed and ultimately enjoy our life by looking and feeling amazing.


Part of my mission is to make sure that people I work with to achieve their fitness goals are educated enough that they can continue their journey without needing me.


I take pride in being able to give my clients the push they need to get where they want to be in terms of health and fitness.


Embedded in my ethos is the desire to inspire my clients to want to be their best selves, without that, there is no reason to do what I do.

Why work with me?

I am not a salesman. Unlike many Personal Trainers in Essex, I care deeply about my clients progress and want to help get results quickly.

Personal training isn't about shouting at someone to make them exercise. For me it's about the ten years experience and knowledge I have behind me, which allows me to educate clients on how to quickly get where they want to be.

Ryan Worthington, Founder

Ryan Worthington

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