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Do You Follow A Diet Plan?

Do you follow a healthy dietShould You Follow a ‘Diet Plan’? When looking to change the bodies Shape, Size, Physical ability etc there must also be a change in your diet as well as your exercise.

If you don’t change what you are currently doing, you will see no difference. But how is the best way to go about changing your diet? For me what has always worked with my own training and when training hundreds of clients over the last 9 years, is to work from a balanced diet as a base and then make your changes from there. Nutrition is a lot more simple than most people think.

The reason we see it as complicated is because there is so much money involved with the latest ‘Diet Plans’. These different companies make nutrition sound complicated so the consumer feels like they must buy into the plan so they don’t have to work out this ‘complicated’ thing called food. It is important to keep nutrition as basic as possible to avoid confusion. The real basics are; If you eat more than your body needs then you put on weight, if you eat less than your body needs then you lose weight. Simple!

If I had loads of letters after my name and brought out some amazing new book where I used big words over hundreds of pages, the average person would think ‘oh, great, I’ll have some of that’, Because I would have made nutrition sound so complicated that you couldn’t possibly work it out yourself. I would then put a fancy label on tins of tomato soup and would tell you they were the most amazing organic tomatoes which have been blessed by the Monks and give you a load of supplements to go with it. I would then give you some rubbish that you must only eat them exactly 4 hours apart and that the last one must be ate over an hour. People would buy that rubbish and of course you would lose weight…YOUR EATING 3 TINS OF SOUP YOU DONUT!!! If I ate 3 tins a soup a day with them each containing 200kcal, with my calorie output being 3000kcal a day I would be losing 2400kcal per day which over a week would be 16,800 kcal, which would work out at 4.8lb of fat and about 10lb of weight a week.

The only person winning is the company all you are losing is your health and money. Is that healthy? I don’t think so… This may sound crazy but this is pretty much what you are doing when you’re buying into most of these ‘Diet Plans’. There are many problems with this with most of it coming down to your health.

Eating far less kcal than your body needs will result in your body going into starvation mode so that when you start eating these carbs again, guess what…your body wants them all and will store them so that it has fuel for when you do something stupid like that again. Also if you are getting low levels of Proteins in to your body and trying to training then your body has no way of recovering, repairing and being able to train again at a good standard any time soon. It could therefore result in injury which could put you out of exercise or make you ill so that you cannot train and will make you want to eat crap whilst lying in bed. Obviously there are much more negatives but id bore you even more. Obviously I have only really spoken about fat Loss here but you will get same in all areas.

Other Personal Trainers/Health Professionals may call me old fashioned with my views because I haven’t been brain washed by big words but when trying to loose fat if you follow these simple few steps it will get you heading in the right direction; Work out your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) This can be done on an online calculator. Make sure you take the Harris Benedict equation. This number will tell you the amount of calories you must consume per day to sustain exactly the same weight. You must then use the calculator to work out your daily calorie needs and your physical calorie output. Once you have this average number you can then do some very simple Maths. Eat more than that and you will put on Weight, Eat Less than that and you will Lose Weight. Make sure your foods are clean and as fresh as possible, eat complex carbs rather than simple carbs, don’t add sugar or fat to anything and drink plenty of water. Grill rather than Fry. Eat more Protein and fewer Carbs. Eat loads of Veg with a variety of colours. Eat Fruits earlier in the day, Try to get in 3 main meals with 2 smaller meals fitted in and spread out throughout the day. Obviously this is very, very basic and through professional help from myself or other fitness professional we can make this process quicker and more efficient but these are your basics. Hope this was some help and give me a shout if you have any questions. (I will speak about other types of nutrition another time) EAT LESS CRAP, TRAIN MORE!

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