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Nutrition myths busted

  1. Carbs and bread are the devil.

False, there are simply no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods in life. There may certainly be wise choices for us to make, particularly if we are eating less to lose weight and change our body. Carbohydrates are an essential fuel source for our body and should not be cut out totally. With that being said, it can help to reduce our overall carbohydrate intake – the reason being is that particularly in western civilization it becomes very easy for us to over-consume carbohydrate rich foods, which may lead to weight gain.


  1. I have to cleanse my body to lose weight.

You most definitely do not have to do any cleanse in order to lose weight – your healthy liver and kidneys do a perfectly good job of that for you. The problem we have in the health and fitness industry is that many of these products are unregulated and have no clinical evidence behind them.


  1. I shouldn’t eat fat because fat makes you fat.

Again – this is largely a myth perpetuated in the industry that just isn’t true. What makes us gain weight majority of the time is an overconsumption of calories. Now, we know that a gram of fat is slightly higher in calories (9Kcal per 1g) than carbohydrates and protein (4Kcal per 1g) but this does not mean we will instantly gain weight from eating fats. In fact, fats provide our body with plenty of functions and are needed for healthy hormonal production.


  1. “It’s best to eat little and often in order to keep the metabolism fired up.”

Sorry to say but the body doesn’t work that way. In fact, unless you are an elite level athlete, the amount of meals you eat during a day is more likely down to personal preference. If you are eating the right amount of calories overall it doesn’t matter if they come two meals or 5 meals.


Part of my mission is to make sure that people I work with to achieve their fitness goals are educated enough that they can continue their journey without needing me.


I take pride in being able to give my clients the push they need to get where they want to be in terms of health and fitness.


Embedded in my ethos is the desire to inspire my clients to want to be their best selves, without that, there is no reason to do what I do.

Why work with me?

I am not a salesman. Unlike many Personal Trainers in Essex, I care deeply about my clients progress and want to help get results quickly.

Personal training isn't about shouting at someone to make them exercise. For me it's about the ten years experience and knowledge I have behind me, which allows me to educate clients on how to quickly get where they want to be.

Ryan Worthington, Founder

Ryan Worthington

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