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One-to-one training sessions at Impulse Leisure, Blackshots, Impulse Leisure, Corringham and Impulse Leisure, Belhus Park start from just £15! Spaces limited, book now on 07852808264 or follow us on Facebook.

Reasons you aren’t changing: How we can help

Following on from the last post, we as coaches are able to help you to identify ways to help you successfully change your body and help you look and feel amazing.

By using a food tracking sheet, you are able to write down exactly what you are eating across the week. We can then calculate this for you to give you an idea of what your next steps are to ensure success. For example, it could suggesting the removal of certain trigger foods, or perhaps suggestions on more filling snacks between meals, or simply to add in more foods like fruits and vegetables!

We can also track and keep records of all your assessments, weight, measurements and photos through our handy tracking sheets. These can help you to understand where you started on your journey, and how far you have come – ultimately motivating you more to keep your progress going!

In terms of sleep, we coach you through a whole process of understanding the importance of sleep, as well as helping you to develop a sound sleep habits through a sleep plan to fit into your lifestyle. By having a sound sleep plan, you are putting yourself at an advantage to lose weight so ultimately you wake up feeling refreshed with plenty of energy ready for the day!


Part of my mission is to make sure that people I work with to achieve their fitness goals are educated enough that they can continue their journey without needing me.


I take pride in being able to give my clients the push they need to get where they want to be in terms of health and fitness.


Embedded in my ethos is the desire to inspire my clients to want to be their best selves, without that, there is no reason to do what I do.

Why work with me?

I am not a salesman. Unlike many Personal Trainers in Essex, I care deeply about my clients progress and want to help get results quickly.

Personal training isn't about shouting at someone to make them exercise. For me it's about the ten years experience and knowledge I have behind me, which allows me to educate clients on how to quickly get where they want to be.

Ryan Worthington, Founder

Ryan Worthington

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