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Solve the food-Life Balance

***How I Solved the Food-Life Balance***

Whether you’re starting a new career or a family (or one of the other thousand moments that will inevitably occur in your life), making what you eat a priority is the single biggest change you can make to improve how you feel, the work you do, and how you treat the people around you. Throughout my many years of experience in getting my eating habits right has been a continuous experiment. It’s a work in progress, but here’s what I do to sustain a healthy eating lifestyle.


1. Dont cut sugar of your diet, MANAGE IT

Eating too much high-sugar and high-carbohydrate food makes you feel bloated and sometimes good it all depends in your goal. The challenging part about trying to cut these foods out of your eating schedule is you realize that pretty much everything sold at the grocery store or made in a restaurant has either a type of sugar or starch in it. Here’s a guide that I use when buying food:

Five Tricks I Used to Beat My Unhealthy Eating Habits

Cutting the majority of sugar and starch out of your diet is a dramatic experience and non sustainable for most people change so you need to treat it like building a habit. When you’re creating a new habit, it’s best to start small so you don’t become overwhelmed and feel guilty if you slip up. Willpower is like a muscle, and the growth of it takes time.

When it comes to restructuring how you eat, the best thing to do is know what you eating and how often do you want to it eat it, base most of your meals from veggies, protein and healthy fats and if by the end of the day you feel like you want to eat a chocolate or biscuit, dont hesiatte it go for it.


2. Removing Guilt from a “Cheat day” to ” Normal day”

I don’t want to go through life not being able to enjoy a Pizza or going out to restuarant and being unable to eat what i want, thats like by choice living my life in a prison, and would you like that?? we are modern humans and have been living with tempation from fast food restaurants and vending machines our whole lives, letting yourself go one or two days a week won’t kill you.

A lot of people call this term so casually Cheat Day, being honest with you i hate it, WHY… because there is nothing wrong with normal food you can eat whatever you want, stop bradning food as some kind of luxury day or something, its unhealthy for your body and mind. My only suggestion is if you want to have a day off from your diet go for it, just make sure you are active during that day.
My NON CHEAT DAYS foods are usually ones that have nutrient dense food, high in protein, lots of veggies, good fats and of course awesome carbs.


3. Drink lots of water to Master Portion Control

One of my biggest challenges is eating just enough to the point that I get full. I have the tendency to overeat, so one way I fight this is by having a pint of water before i eat my meal, I feel full after a meal.

Eat your protein first than your carbs, it takes a lot of energy to chew meats so make sure you eat them as much a you can to keep craving at bay and burning calories.


4. Replace “Crispy”

I have a mild addiction to chips. So one thing I’ve done that has worked well is replacing crispy chips with a healthier alternative that is also crispy–like a cucumber, bell pepper or even almonds. Healthy fats are great source to keep your satiety at bay due to its high fat and calorie per gram content.


5. Never Skip Breakfast

To regulate glucose levels, you should eat within 30 minutes of waking up. Research also shows that skipping breakfast may increase how much food you end up eating at lunch. For breakfast, I’ll aim for something high in protein like an egg white omelet or oatmeal with blueberries, which keeps me feeling alert and full for hours.

What you eat reflects in everything you do. Eating well helps you be more creative, productive, and enjoyable to be around. The hard part about eating right is that there’s no plan that’s perfect for everyone. There’s no simple prescription. The only way to find what works for you is to experiment with what you eat and find something sustainable that makes you feel alive.


Coach Ryan clean-eating-vs-flexible-dieting

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