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Why you are not losing Fat


Hey everyone I have talked about this topic before but this time I want to focus on few things and it’s the most obvious issue and also it’s the one that is the simplest to solve it during any diet regimen.

So… For so many of you that are reading this you might be wondering, I’m eating my porridge with berries for breakfast, tuna or chicken salad for lunch, an apple as an snack and a reasonable home made cooked dinner with veggies and you give your self some roasted potato for comfort as you had a stressful day at work.

Over all you are fallowing the guidelines correct and by the end of the week you get on that scale and you realise it that you are the SAME AS LAST WEEK and no improvements at so ever, so you start to wonder what can it be? The obvious so many people would be ohh….. It’s the evil carbohydrates, the bread, rice, and potatoes I been having for dinner, so it must be them.

So to answer your questions you are: WRONG

ELIMINATING Carbohydrate is only going to reduce your overall daily intake of calories, additionally the scales can not tell if you build muscles or not. So there is a bit of a Mistery that needs to be solved by using tape measure.




Let’s take client Lauren 37 of age, 165cm and 70kG in weight and she goes to the gym 4x per week and that’s mostly cardio and classes.

So… Her macros will look like this

Calories per day – 1798 call it 1800kcal

Protein 116g

Carbs 221g

Fats 50g

Fibre 25g

So according to this basic calculation it’s telling me that’s she needs to consume 1800kcal a day for her body to reduce 1-2lb of body fat a week, also for her body to be metabolic actively.

I know at this calories intake her body will be optimised to burn the most body fat, her hormones will be balanced, thyroid output, energy and training will be optimised to the max.

Realistically according to Lauren diet and calories tracking she is actually consuming 1200 calories a day and she has been at this caloric deficit for over 8 weeks, so her mind is thinking….I need to train more or perhaps eat less or maybe do both at the some time.

If you find your self at the scenario please stop you will do your self more harm and damage, metabolically, physically and mentally.

So to break it down, let’s see what she is doing wrong:

* Her body is under 600 calories on deficit

* she is training too much for the amount of calories that she is eating. Her body is asking for more food and she is fighting against it.

* she has gone to long on that diet and her body had stole

* possibly her basal metabolic rate has reduce as due to her restrictive diet.

* possible work is playing as an stressor to her diet

* protein intake can be too low

* not eating enough food can offset the body natural balance and prevent the body from wanting to burn fat.

* not eating enough fibre in her diet

* restricting carbohydrate for too long can add more stress to the body and prevent the body from wanting to burn fat.


These are only some points that it can be pointed out from that basic plan, however there is far more I can pick out from this. But for now let’s take a look at this and now let’s improve Lauren diet.


Points to improve


* Increase protein intake gradually on weekly basis of you are not used to eating to much.

* carbohydrate can be eating anytime and there is no such thing as bad carbs, all carbs are fuel for the body.

* increase her calories intake by 50-100 calories a day on weekly basis till reached her healthy metabolic calculation, for example, ( week 1 1250, w2 1300, w3 1350 and so on )

* increase water intake

* reduce exercise to fit lifestyle, reduce to 2-3x per week till your calories are high enough than you can start to increase training and intensity.

* exercise only accounts for 5% of daily energy expenditure aka calories burned, your body burns 15% of your daily energy expenditure by digesting food, so maybe you should take a look at your diet first than exercise.

* train smarter, maybe consider getting a coach, research on Google, personal trainer or perhaps a diet coach that can help you understand how to manage your nutrients and calories expenditure.


Overall it’s incredibly frustrating who is RIGHT and who you should listen to, at the end of the day ask questions and see which one sounds most suitable to your lifestyle.

One thing that I have learnt as a personal trainer and coach, I will never try to emphasise change to my clients lifestyle if I think it’s not worth it or perhaps when there is no major advantage and practically.

Keep it simple and stick to the basics it always works. Find out what works for you on long term not short term is my best advice as a coach.


If you are stuck and need some guidance Im free to anyone who is willing to make some minor changes to your current plan.

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