My Journey

At school I was not a confident person I remember only being good at Sport and P.E., because of this ability I was often called upon to represent the school in cricket, badminton & track and field events.

My great love was football and eventually I went on to play at District level, Essex Schools and eventually on books for West Ham, Southend and Wimbledon under 16’s.

Fitness and Exercise has always been my passion and I subsequently went on to in the industry, gaining certificates in Exercise Fitness, IFI Disability, Lower Back Pain and also an Exercise Referral Course involving Disability Awareness.

My great sporting achievements are I have played a very high level of squash after not starting until the age pf 21 but my squash career was sadly hampered by health issues and joint pain caused by Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis. At the time, I decided not to be beaten by the pain and debilitation and chose to go on a health crusade, networking with specialists to allow me not to take the medication that the NHS was offering that would eventually kill me. I used my sporting and active background to keep me moving and being well.

Exercise, and moreover, coaching of exercise for others has been an inspiration, enabling not only my own wellbeing but above all the achievement in seeing others benefit from my own experience and personal journey.


  • Degree in Teaching – Specialist subject PE
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course
  • Level 4 Master Personal Trainer
  • Personal Trainer Assessor
  • Training in different environments/bootcamp
  • Qualified Level 1 & 2 FA Coach
  • Circuit Training
  • IFI Disability
  • Children’s Health and Fitness
  • Spinning
  • Core Stability
  • Power Plate
  • Kinesis
  • X Bike

Knowledge is Power

I take pride in educating my clients while helping them achieve their fitness goals - so you can walk away from my service with the knowledge and experience required to continue your fitness journey without me.

A Good Fit For Everyone

Many Personal Training courses, classes or sessions I see in the modern world are taking on clients, not evaluating their current fitness level and training them alongside people in different leagues. This is detrimental to the health and fitness of everyone involved - not on my watch.

I've Been There

During my 40 years, I've been healthy, unhealthy, overweight, underweight and suffered illness. It's through these life experiences that I'm able to draw the motivation and knowledge to best help every client I work with. I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years, and I'm still learning new things every day.

I'm Really Good, Honest!

For me, honesty is the most important part of working with any client. It's important to me that if I don't think I can seriously improve your health, fitness or well being - I'm able to tell you that.



Part of my mission is to make sure that people I work with to achieve their fitness goals are educated enough that they can continue their journey without needing me.



I take pride in being able to give my clients the push they need to get where they want to be in terms of health and fitness.



Embedded in my ethos is the desire to inspire my clients to want to be their best selves, without that, there is no reason to do what I do.